Sunday, 26 February 2012

Collection of GoogleSketchup Video Tutorials

With the vast number of very useful Youtube videos tutorials available, I found it difficult to sort through these when using them in class so here is a spreadsheet I developed to help progress through Sketchup. Which is an absolutely amazing piece of software to use in class.

CoderDojo -learn how to code

CoderDojo is a movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people.
At a CoderDojo, young people learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more. Dojos are set up, run by and taught at by volunteers. Dojos organise tours of technology companies, bring in guest speakers to talk about their career and what they do, and organise events. In addition to learning to code, members meet like minded people, show off what they’ve been working on and so on. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, kick ass experience.