Thursday, 29 March 2012

Inserting a Sketch Picture in SolidWorks

1.                  Save the image as a jpeg in the folder where you wish to save the SolidWorks part file.  Otherwise the image will not be referenced by the part file
2.                  Open a part file and save it to folder containing the image. Create a sketch on the top plane for example
3.                  Go to Tools/Sketch Tools/Sketch Picture
4.                  Browse to the folder containing the image (I have saved the image as a jpeg). Select the image and ‘Open’.
5.                  The image will be inserted with one corner on the origin. 
In the Property Manager you can edit the position of the image relative to the Origin or its inclination using the first three dialogue boxes

 You can adjust the size of the image by editing the dimensions in the 4th and 5th dialogue boxes

6.                  Confirm ‘Sketch Picture’ 

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