Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Inserting a Sketch Picture in SolidWorks video tutorial

Inserting a sketch picture in SolidWork can be very handle to create logo and other complicated elements of a design. As can be seen of the playstation controller from the DCG assignment from a few years ago. So an image of a logo can be imported into SolidWorks and copied (drawn around using sketch tools), there after the sketch of the logo can extruded to a very thin thickness to create a sticker like effect. I have create a video tutorial to explain the steps involved.
I hope this helps in the completion of SolidWorks assignments.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

SightSpace 3D app for Google SketchUp

I have just discovered an app for the iPad in which Google SketchUp models can be viewed. Models can be orbited with a single finger, panning with two and pinching to zoom in and out is very satisfying. Models can be easily loaded onto your mobile device using the Google 3D Warehouse or loading models through Dropbox and email.
The SightSpace App also includes a feature called Augmented Reality (AR) viewer, which gives you the ability to overlay 3D models onto the physical world. This will be very useful in letting you actually walk through the model spaces, for example in previewing construction projects, displaying kitchen designs, urban planning and much more.