Sunday, 29 July 2012

SolidWorks Solutions of Technical Graphics Higher Level 2012

A full set of SolidWorks solutions for the 2012 Higher Level Technical Graphics is available from the SolidWorks Model page above. These models have been designed and created to demonstrate how each question would be solved 2-dimensionally. The SolidWorks models have been created as 3D parts and the 2D solutions represented on each.

The rollback feature has been utilised to display how each question is solved from the beginning. The rollback feature (over) in the feature manager, allows each feature to be hidden and displayed to build up the key principles and concepts of the question.

Using the rollback feature, the solution to each question can be built up from the beginning. The image beside shows the start of the question and the lawnmower placed in the reference planes.

Rolling the features on the Elevation is shown projected onto the Vertical Plane. The model can be rotated and viewed from different angle and views.

Rolling on the End View can be projected onto the End Vertical Plane.

All of the models have been created in this way to develop a greater understanding of the possible solutions to each question. I hope these are helpful.

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