Saturday, 6 October 2012

GCSE Technology Apps

Whilst sifting through the mountain of Apps that are out there I discovered an excellent set of school based apps. It seem that most subjects in the GCSE system in England have now been mapped onto apps. Being a MTW and Technology teacher, this is amazing. I downloaded the app to have a look and discovered that there were a set of Technology Apps- even better.

These Apps contain all the contents of the subject over the three years which have been broken into Apps for each year. The most expensive of these was 1.59, which is excellent value. The app above contents all the Technology material. There is even revision exam, explanation notes on how to develop a project folio, animated circuit construction and much more. Well worth downloading and having a look at.

Description of the app below, view here

"The successful DT App has now been split into individual subjects so you can learn and revise the subject of your choice at a fantastic price. The application includes information and revision quizzes for Resistant Materials as well as general guidance for coursework and controlled assessment tasks."

Here is a screen shot of the App showing one screen of the notes and the other showing a revision question which gives feedback to students using it.

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