Tuesday, 29 March 2016

XMind for mindmapping

As a teaching and learning strategy, mindmapping can be very  a very powerful tool for the classroom. I have used mindmapping over the years in Materials Technology Wood and Design & Communication Graphics for analysing information, analysing projectwork constraints, examining the development of design ideas and topic revision. Over the years I have tried numerous mindmapping software and apps to varying success. But a simple and free to use in class piece of software / app has eluded me up until now.

XMind has ticked all the boxes for me over the last few weeks since I discovered it. The software is easily downloaded and installed onto your pc. From there, XMind offers a number of mindmap templates which can be worked from depending on the exercise being carried out in class. The real plus for me, was the usability of the software. So simple and user friendly. When creating a mindmap, you can simply click the TAB key to add branches to a  topic when creating a mindmap in XMind. This is very useful in the classroom, as mindmaps can be created quickly and easily on the fly with a class.

Once the mindmap is complete in XMind software allows you to easily create an image, PDF, Word file, Excel file and a few other options. Which allows the mindmap to be used in numerous ways.