Google SketchUp Notes

This page contains a number of exercises to buildup a technical knowledge of how to use Google SketchUp and all of it elements. These tutorials are based on everyday objects and the geometry involved in there design and manufacture. Google also provide excellent self-paced video tutorials which explain and develop an understanding of SketchUp.

Introduction to SketchUp

      Exercise 1 - Block Exercise        (Introduction exercise on the basics)
      Exercise 2 - Cavity Block           (Getting started using tape measure tool)
      Exercise 3 - Desk Calendar        (Creating fillets and 3D text)
      Exercise 4 - Candlestick Holder (Filleting and Chamfering)
      Exercise 5 - Doll's Chair             (Using Groups in SketchUp)
      Exercise 6 - Steam Roller            (How to model an assembly with multiple parts)